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Sweet Best

Sweet Best Erythritol 250g

Sweet Best Erythritol 250g

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` Erythritol is a natural sugar alternative derived from fruits and plants.
` It’s 70% as sweet as sugar and their flavors are very similar.
` Use Sweet Best Erythritol to replace sugar in baked goods, beverages and more without adding extra calories to your diet.
` With No risk of tooth decay, no bitter aftertaste, no artificial flavorings, this stomach friendly sugar substitute is perfect for beverages both hot and cold.
` It does not raise blood sugar levels, and is therefore suitable for those who have diabetes.

What's good in this product:
* Keto Friendly
* Diabetic Friendly
* Tastes and Bakes like Sugar
* No Aftertaste
* 100% Natural
* Vegan
* Non-GMO


Keep in a cool, dry place or refrigerate after opening.

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