About Us


THE VEGAN GROCER is a corporation formed to make healthy vegan lifestyle easy and convenient. We aim to enlighten and educate everyone that being healthy and vegan is viable, economical & sustainable.

THE VEGAN GROCER constantly seeks to offer nutritious plant-based food and to provide the best, healthy, nutritious, delicious, vegan alternative for our well-being. We are committed to continually offer the highest quality vegan food products locally and from around the world. 


THE VEGAN GROCER wishes to see a conscious society in health, in harmony and at peace with creation.


THE VEGAN GROCER mission is to make healthy vegan life easy and convenient for everyone, through the promotion, education, sharing and cooperation of how a conscious food choice can impact the lives of our fellow man, the animals, the environment and the world as a whole.

We are committed to help spread healthy, nutritious, vegan and plant-based products for every one to enjoy and benefit.

Thank you for choosing to go VEGAN!