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Remedy Wild Berry Kombucha in can 250mL

Remedy Wild Berry Kombucha in can 250mL

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Meet the wild child of the Remedy Kombucha flavours—an all natural blend of strawberry, blackberry and blueberry bliss. Jammy and beautifully aromatic, one sip and you’ll be swept away to a warm summer’s day. No sugar, naturally and chock full of goodness.

Tasting notes: Wild and free. Untamed berry goodness. Satisfy your thirst with lip-smacking berry boldness that’ll sweep you away to a warm summer’s day on first sip. Bursting with strawberry, blackberry and blueberry bliss, this sun-ripened blend snogs you goodbye with its smooth caramel and balancing citrus undertones. Sweet, jammy and beautifully aromatic, this boochyberry brew is unprecedently good.

  • no sugar for real
  • all natural ingredients 
  • A-OK in or out of the fridge
  • live & raw
  • always vegan
  • low calorie
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