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Kayumanggi Organics Raw Coconut Nectar Syrup 250mL

Kayumanggi Organics Raw Coconut Nectar Syrup 250mL

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Raw Coconut Nectar is the pure sap that flows through and nourishes our Philippine Tree of Life. It has a rich and buttery, caramel-sweet flavor, plenty of minerals drawn from our soil, plus 17 amino acids and the prebiotic Inulin. Vegans’ ideal replacement for honey. One of the most potent natural remedies against Dengue!

  •  Healthy and vegan sweetener
  • Strong anti-dengue effects and general immune boost
  • Low-Glycemic index (±39)

 Use to:

✓  Pour over your pancakes, toast, or

✓  Simply take one tablespoon full to energize your morning

✓  Resfreshing when added to chilled water with ice, perhaps with a fresh calamansi for that bit of zing!

✓ Excellent base for salad dressings

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