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Self Heating Instant Vegan XO Rice Meal 320g

Self Heating Instant Vegan XO Rice Meal 320g

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Instant Self Heating Vegan Meals! This will surely save us from hunger!🙌🏻

Very delicious and convenient hot meal that is ready in just 12 minutes!🥳

How to prepare:
1. Take out everything from the box. You will have quick cooking rice, dish pack, ready-to-eat side dish pack, the inner white box, the outer box, heating pad, the green label water for cooking, the red label water for heating, spoon and plastic bag.
2. Tear off the quick cooking rice and place it in the small inner white box. Pour the green-label water for cooking into the rice, mix it well.
3. Remove the plastic of the heating pad, be careful not to tear the fiber cloth of the heating bag. Flatten the heating pad in the bottom of the outer or bigger box, then pour the red label water or the heating water on the heating pad.
4. Quickly place the quick cooking rice on top of the heating pad, then cover with the red box lid. Place the dish pack flat on the lid to heat it. Cover it with the plastic bag.
5. Heat for 12-15mins. When there is no steam coming out, open the lid of the box, tear off the dish pack & the side dish pack and pour it on the rice! Enjoy your instant vegan hot meals!

1. Please operate on a heat resistant desk top.
2. Do not heat directly on the glass so as not to break the glass.
3. When opening the cover, be careful of steam burns.
4. Children should operate with adult supervision.
5. Do not use microwave ovens or ovens to heat directly.
6. The package contains a special heating pack which is only used for the self-heating process and cannot be eaten.
7. It is strictly prohibited to tear the heat-wrapped fiber cloth.
8. Air circulation should be maintained during heating and cooking process, and it is strictly prohibited to use in a confined space.

You can bring this anytime, anywhere! Reunions, gatherings, camping, hiking, picnic, traveling, island hopping and a lot more!!! Such a game changer!🫶🏻
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