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Ichibiki Tamari Soy Sauce Table Raw 200mL

Ichibiki Tamari Soy Sauce Table Raw 200mL

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What is tamari soy sauce?

It is said that tamari soy sauce originated when only the liquid that oozed out was extracted during the process of making ``mame miso'', a specialty of the Tokai region.

It has a rich, rich flavor and a color and aroma that brings out the ingredients, and has been used in sashimi, sushi, teriyaki, tsukudani, rice crackers, and more. It is also called ``sashimitamari''.

Raw sashimi tame

Normally, soy sauce undergoes a heat treatment known as pasteurization to give it a fragrant flavor, but this Tamari soy sauce is manufactured using a special manufacturing method and is produced as ``raw soy sauce'' without pasteurization. .

Tabletop raw soy sauce raw sashimitame 200mL

  • Tamari soy sauce, which allows you to enjoy the rich flavor and flavor of soybeans, is made into a raw type that does not require pasteurization (heat treatment).
  • It is characterized by its bright red color and smooth texture.
  • It's a sealed bottle that doesn't let air in, so it won't spill even if you knock it over, and it will retain its fresh-opened flavor.

Tamari soy sauce is often thought to be high in salt due to its dark appearance and rich taste, but it actually has less salt than Usukuchi soy sauce and Koikuchi soy sauce.

The rich taste is not due to the high salt content, but due to the high umami component (total nitrogen content).

Defatted processed soybeans (soybeans (imported)), salt, sugar, wheat/alcohol

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