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Bahay Kubo Kitchen

BKK Relyenong Bangus 300g

BKK Relyenong Bangus 300g

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A plant-based alternative for stuffed milkfish. This is also one of the best-selling product from BKK.

Use as: viands and party food

INGREDIENTS: Soy, Corn and Wheat Protein, Water, Nori Wrapper, Carrot, Potato, Raisin, Green Peas, Red Bell Pepper, Pickles Relish, Onion, Garlic, Soy Sauce, Sea Salt, Pepper, Vegan Binder (Wheat Flour), Vegetable Oil (Coconut), Vegan Spices and Seasoning (Soy)

Allergen: Soy Corn, Gluten, and Wheat


1. Thaw BKK Bangus Relyeno.
2. Deep fry bangus relyeno in low fire for 3-4 minutes on each side.
3. Drain bangus relyeno using a strainer and serve immediately.

**Best served with tomato ketchup on the side.
**Reheat in microwave oven in medium setting.

HOW TO STORE: Freezer 

SHELF LIFE: 4 months 



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